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Tasti-Lee is a new, naturally-developed* vine-ripened tomato variety that brings significant improvements to health, flavor and freshness in grocery store tomatoes! For health, this new tomato contains high Lycopene, up to 50% more than regular varieties. It has the right balance of sweet & tangy flavor for an eating experience that will put a smile on your face. And for freshness… Tasti-Lee brand tomatoes have been bred to stay on the vine until fully ripened by Mother Nature, yet remain firm all the way to the store shelf and your kitchen counter!
The quality of a home garden tomato found in the convenience of your local grocery store. Enjoy!

*Tasti-Lee Vine-Ripened Tomatoes are NON-GMO!

Tasti-Lees are Heart-Check™ Certified!

Tasti-Lees with Heart-Check Logo

Tasti-Lee Tomatoes are now certified as part of the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification. The Heart-Check mark helps consumers to easily identify foods in retail stores that meet the nutritional standards of the American Heart Association to promote healthy eating habits. Read more in the press release.

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The Terrific Adventures of Tasti-Man!

Could Tasti-Lee Vine-Ripened Tomatoes really create a superhero? Find out for yourself in this action-packed web comic. Just click on the pages below... Enjoy!

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Lycopene, lycopene, lycopene!

Wow! Check this out! Here's a link to a Wall Street Journal article about the exciting results of a recent study that shows lycopene decreases the risk of stroke in men. Tests have shown that Tasti-Lee Vine-Ripened Tomatoes contain up to 50 % more lycopene than traditional varieties. We're promoting that difference with a new package sticker (below). We'll be hearing a lot more about this amazing antioxidant in the future!

Tasti-Lee Tomatoes Lycopene Sticker

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